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Our team is proud to manufacture and sell curbing machines to contractors around the world, helping them achieve the most versatile curb profiles in the industry.

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Reversing Auger
CT-3000 Curb Extruder

As the fastest curb extruder in the marketplace, CT-3000 gives curbing contractors the competitive edge, delivering unrivaled dependability and performance that leaves older curbing machines in the dust.

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Efficient & Economical
CT-900 Curb Extruder

Popular among worldwide curbing contractors since 2001, CT-900 features a large hopper, ease of operation, and higher production rate to deliver versatile and professional curbing capability.

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Curb Molds
Custom Machines

Curb-Tec, Inc.

#1 in Durability & Ease of Use

Frustrated by slow and inaccurate curbing equipment in the marketplace, our engineering team was hired by a curbing contractor to design and build a better machine - one that met the highest demands of performance and dependability. The resulting prototype was so successful, that we created a company to manufacture and sell our curbing machines to others around the world.

Our industry-leading curbing machines are built to work in the toughest of job sites, and deliver the long lasting, reliable results you would expect from a true leader in the curbing field. We also offer premium quality curb molds, and even custom curbing machine design and fabrication for specialized work that requires a creative and robust solution.

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