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The Ideal Curb Shape for Any Situation

As a proven innovator in the curbing field, Curb-Tec is dedicated to developing and refining custom solutions to make the job faster, easier, and safer for curbing contractors, construction enterprises, and municipalities across the globe. Our team offers hundreds of different mold profiles to help you build the perfect curb. Our curb molds come in a huge variety of dimensions, with varying widths, heights, lengths and slope configurations to ensure your project is completed in the best way possible – and that the finished result is exactly what you need.

Application Proven Curb Mold Range.

Custom Curb Molds

Custom Mold Development Available

Not able to find the exact curb mold required for your project? Curb-Tec can custom make one for you! Our team is comprised of experienced curbing contractors and engineers with over two decades of field experience in curb extrusion. Our custom components enable customers to go over 18” x 30” wide and beyond, but we’re always available to refine existing molds or engineer completely new ones to fit our curbing machines. Contact Curb-Tec today for custom machine applications and metric molds.