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“Our production expectations were met immediately by this incredible machine.”

Tramar Inc. has operated the Curb-Tec 3000 extruded curb machine for approximately 4 years. We had high expectations for the machine based on the aggressive production claimed by Curb-Tec. Our production expectations were met immediately by this incredible machine.

Prior to Curb-Tec, we operated a PC-150, and could expect 300-400 LF/Hour. During the heat of summer, we were limited to pouring during the morning due to the low slump required by that machine. With the Curb-Tec, we are routinely placing 700-800 LF/Hour at a 1 ¼” slump. The placing speed is enhanced by the moving time between curbs. The Curb-Tec will beat the concrete truck to the next island every time.

The initial cost of the Curb-Tec is much higher, and wear parts (augers, compaction tube, etc don’t last as long, but the increased production more than makes up for it. The factory support is top notch also. I have requested molds for shapes that were new to us and been advised as to better ways to do the job. They definitely are interested in seeing us succeed with the machine.

I am very satisfied with the investment in the Curb-Tec machine and it is a pleasure dealing with Larry and Greg.

Tracy Nye

President of Tramar Inc.

“We poured curb on the Oregon Coast in half the time that it normally takes.”

Last fall we made a very wise decision when we purchased the CT-3000 curb extruder. We poured curb on the Oregon Coast in half the time that it normally takes with our old machine. We could hardly believe how easy it was to handle. It has proved to be a real labor saving machine. Curb-Tec sold us a first class machine, and we’re very pleased to recommend this machine.

August J. Picollo

President of Picollo Concrete Construction Inc.

“We have seen a dramatic increase in daily production”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your tremendous support, and commend you both upon the design and manufacturing of an extruded curbing machine that has no equal.

I am pleased to announce that since putting our new machine into production, we have seen a dramatic increase in daily production, quality of end product, and of course, the old bottom line. All of us here at Durable Extruded Curbing cannot thank you enough for the time and effort both of you have gone through. I would like to add my personal appreciation for your continued support after the sale. It is the rare combination of top shelf quality and superior service that makes Curb-Tec a company I am proud to recommend.

Matthew R. Swift

Division Manager of DEC, Inc.